Conway Drill Meet

Armed Exhibition Routine


With Carolina Forest and five other competing units, each school prepared ten events for the second drill meet of the season. The events presented included an unarmed platoon, armed platoon, unarmed squad, armed squad, varsity color guard, NS1 color guard, unarmed exhibition squad, and platoon, and lastly, armed exhibition squad and platoon. Judges paid close attention to each unit’s sharpness, appearance, intensity, and military bearing to rank every school.


After all the routines were completed and scored, Conway’s Commanding Officer, E. Howell, and Executive Officer, P. Brown, invited all NS1 cadets to participate in an unarmed knockout. For this event, a judge or jrotc officer commands a platoon in various military movements. As the commands go on, judges disqualify students for incorrect movements, such as uneven heels, poor bearing, or delayed reactions. The three remaining cadets, C. Negron, T. Workman, and T. Manco, received recognition and medals for their achievements. Following the NS1 event, Carolina Forest's cadets E. Menzer and J. Meyer won a series of upperclassmen unarmed and armed knockouts!

Award Ceremony

All the schools awaited in formation to hear the results of their academic team, rifle team, and drill routines to conclude the competition. With the scores tallied, Carolina Forest took second place overall by performing exceptionally well in NS1 color guard, armed platoon, and exhibition routines. This drill meet was an excellent learning experience and resilience test that will prepare cadets for future competitions.

Article Written by C/PO1 Shelby Hedges
Edited by C/ENS Klaire Heller

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