Frequently Asked Questions

[ Joining NJROTC ]

Do I have to enlist in the military if I join NJROTC?

  • No, cadets are not required to enlist after graduation.

What are the military benefits of NJROTC?

  • Those entering the military after taking a few JROTC classes will start at a higher pay grade than those joining without JROTC experience.
2 Years of NJROTC - Enlist as an E2
4 Years of NJROTC - Enlist as an E3

‌Does the program cost money?

  • There are no fees required to join NJROTC. All uniform items, community service, and competitions are free; however, overnight trips, such as Norfolk, Carowinds, and Patriots Point, will cost money.

How do I join NJROTC?

  • Middle Schoolers: You'll speak to your counselor about your classes for next year whenever the time comes. There will be an option to take Gym or NJROTC, and you choose accordingly.
  • High Schoolers: You will speak to your counselor about adding NJROTC to your schedule.

Do I have to stay in the program for my entire high school experience?

  • No. Cadets are not obligated to stay in the program for all four years of high school.

How do I stay in NJROTC for my entire high school experience?

  • Cadets will take at least one class of NJROTC every school year until they graduate.

What kind of credit is NJROTC?

  • NJROTC is a gym credit. If a student already has a gym credit, the class will be an elective course.

Where is the JROTC room?

  • Next to the cafeteria on Forest's side (D, E, F, G, H Houses).

What is a platoon (class)?

  • In our unit, each platoon is the equivalent of the first, second, third, or fourth block.

What are the differences between NS1-NS6 (Naval Science)?

  • NS1 - First class of NJROTC
  • NS2 - Second class of NJROTC
  • NS3 - Third class of NJROTC
  • NS4 - 4th class of NJROTC
  • NS6 - Leadership Course (NS5-6 Combined)

These classes are the level of NJROTC a student is taking. This is the equivalent of taking Art 1-3 or German 1-3.

What does JROTC stand for?

  • Junior
  • Reserve
  • Officer
  • Training
  • Corps

Do I get to keep my awards after graduating/leaving the program?

  • Yes! Cadets earn their awards and get to keep their name tags, academic stars, service stars, ribbons, medals, cords, and ranks after leaving the programs.  

How is my grade calculated in NJROTC?

  • 30% - Uniforms
  • 20% - PT
  • 30% - Academic
  • 10% - Aptitude
  • 10% - Drill


[ Parents ]

How can I chaperone for an overnight event?

  • Please fill out one of these forms from Horry County and turn it in to the front office.

Sterling Instructions (Required Background Check)

  • Create an Account
  • Fill out the necessary information. USE YOUR CURRENT LEGAL NAME
  • Follow guided instructions on the Sterling website.

[ Pictures ]

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[ Uniform Questions ]

Do I have to wear the uniform?

  • Each uniform day will be a high grade in the grade book. Cadets must wear their uniforms to pass the class.

When is the Uniform Day?

  • Cadets will wear their Khaki or Service Dress Blues every Wednesday for a whole school day.

What do I do with the uniform when I graduate?

  • Cadets will turn in their uniform blouses, pants, covers, and relaxed jackets.
  • Cadets keep their shoes, belts, and staff sweaters

What if I'm transgender?

  • Our NJROTC respects whatever gender a cadet identifies as. We assign their uniform based on the student's profile in PowerSchool.
  • Cadets may change in the bathrooms if they are uncomfortable with the locker rooms.

Do I have to wear the uniform all year?

  • Cadets only wear their uniforms for the semester they take NJROTC.

Do I have to wear my uniform for picture day?

  • No, students have permission from Captain Boyle to temporarily take off their uniform. After the event, cadets will need to put their uniforms back on. This also applies to messy art classes and PSAT, ASVAB, AP, and EOC testing.

How long can my nails be?

  • Nails cannot exceed 1/4th inch from the tip of the finger.

Do I have to cut my hair?

  • For a male to be in uniform regulation, their hair may not exceed 2 inches in bulk, 4 inches in length, and cannot touch the ear.
  • For a female to be in uniform regulation, their hair cannot touch the uniform collar. Their hair must be put in a military bun if it is too long.
  • Bangs/fringe must be no longer than one's eyebrows. If longer, they must be pinned under the cover.

What happens if I miss a uniform day?

  • If a cadet misses a uniform day, they need to wear their uniform the following school day.
  • If cadets fail to make up this grade, they will receive a zero.

What happens if I lose part of my uniform?

  • Cadets must pay a lost item fee. Contact the Supply Officer, Chief, or Captain for more pricing information.
Captain Kevin Boyle, Senior NSI -
Chief Gregg Thompson NSI -

‌What happens if I outgrow my uniform?

  • If a student outgrows any uniform item, it will be replaced by the Supply Officer for free.

Am I allowed to have tattoos in uniform?

  • Yes, cadets are allowed to have school-appropriate tattoos. While we prefer tattoos to be less visible, they will not hinder a student's ability to do well in the program.

Why did I not receive an award on time?

Reasons may be caused by but not limited to:

  • Cadets must pass their classes with a 60 to receive any ribbons or cords in the program.
  • The supply room may have a shortage of said ribbon/cord
  • The administrative officer may take up to a week or two to process all awards/cord a cadet has earned

Why did I not receive a promotion on time?

Reasons may be caused by but not limited to:

  • Cadets must pass their classes with a 60 to receive any promotion in the program.
  • A platoon commander may not have signed off on a promotion test (Contact your PC to resolve this issue)
  • Cadets must wait one month to be promoted to the next pay grade.  

[ Teams ]

Do I have to be in NJROTC to participate in the after-school teams?

  • Yes. The after-school activities are a part of the NJROTC unit to earn ribbons, medals, and stars. Students outside the program are not allowed to participate in extracurriculars.

How do I join teams?

  • For most of our teams, cadets are welcome to show up for practice to check it out. The only teams that have limited numbers are Rifle Team, Sea Perch, and Cyber Patriots.

Are there any requirements to be on a team?

  • Cadets must be passing their classes with a 60 to participate in a team. If a student fails to meet this requirement, they will be temporarily removed from the team.

Do I have to commit to a team?  

  • We do not require our cadets to stay on teams if they choose not to.

Do I keep my awards after leaving a team?

  • Yes! Cadets earn their awards and get to keep them regardless of their current participation with the team.

[ Cadet Questions ]

‌How can I volunteer to do the morning announcements?

  • Contact the Operations Officer

How do I get a higher pay grade?

  • To advance to the next pay grade, cadets must pass specialized tests. A platoon commander will monitor these tests.

When can I do advancement tests?

  • All cadets may take advancement tests during their respective blocks; however, each platoon commander determines when students may take these tests during lunch.
  • The Command Senior Chief also does promotion tests for all cadets in the first or second semester.

How can I do Flag Detail?

  • Contact the Color Guard officer

How can I do Color Guard?

  • If you are interested in joining our Color Guard, please speak with the Color Guard Officer or Drill Commander to learn the proper facing movements.‌

How can I become a staff officer?

  • The NSI and SNSI observe leadership qualities and determination in each cadet. The instructors recognize those who prove themselves in the unit and determine potential staff positions based on skill sets, aptitude, and work ethics.

Contact us

Feel free to contact us if you have any more questions! You can reach our Senior Naval Science Instructor or Naval Science Instructor through the information below.

Captain Kevin Boyle, Senior NSI -

Chief Gregg Thompson NSI -