About us

Carowinds Drill Meet

Who We Are

Carolina Forest High School NJROTC has been flourishing since 2001. As a distinguished unit, we strive to instill Honor, Courage, and Commitment inside each and every one of our cadets. As part of our daily curriculum, we teach patriotism, leadership, teamwork, and citizenship to better prepare our students for the real world. Our goal is to encourage our cadets to stay with us throughout their high school experience and feel confident in their abilities to guide, follow, and help others.

What We Do

Within our program, we have our cadets involved in physical training, marching, community service, and competitions. Furthermore, we also have various teams our cadets participate in after school hours. These include Academic, Orienteering, Marksmanship, Cyber Patriots, Drill, SeaPerch, and Drone teams. Students take part in competitions for these extracurriculars, where they can earn ribbons, medals, and unit service rewards. In addition, students wear khaki uniforms every week to build resilience and patriotism that represent our unit proudly. We gladly take these dedicated young men and women on trips to Patriots Point, Fort Sumter, Norfolk, VA, and various other locations to reward their diligence and hard work!

Meet People Like You

Like many other electives at our school, NJROTC has created an environment that welcomes all its cadets with open arms. Throughout the program, we are diverse in ideas and leaders to ensure a friendly atmosphere for all students. Our Commanding Officer and our Executive Officer have made it their duty to serve and recognize the outstanding performance of our cadets in the unit.