Cadet Enlistment

C/SCPO Thomas Sleasman

Thomas Sleasman

On Thursday, Jan 5th, 2023, CAPT Kevin Boyle, USN (Ret.) sworn C/SCPO Thomas Sleasman into the Navy. With the support of Principle Driggers, the NJROTC unit, and his family, T. Sleasman pledged his loyalty to the country, planning to go into the master at arms (MA) to provide security for United States ships, maritime operations, and aircraft and flight lines.

"Without ROTC and my Grandfather, I wouldn't be here today. I thank all those here and those who graduated before me. " - C/SCPO T. Sleasman

How JROTC changed me

Thomas Sleasman originally joined NJROTC with little intention of pursuing a military career. Throughout his high school experience with the unit, he has become more knowledgeable, confident, and respectful toward those around him. Despite facing challenges and stepping outside his comfort zone, T. Sleasman found his sense of belonging by taking the initiative to improve the JROTC program and enjoys helping others succeed. His leadership position has given him the opportunity to prove that he can guide and lead people, greatly preparing him for the real world!

“You can do a lot if you’re successful by yourself, but being successful with the people around you gives you a sense of belonging.” - C/SCPO Sleasman

C/SCPO Thomas Sleasman
Article Written by C/ENS Klaire Heller

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