Aynor Hoe-Down


On September 16th Carolina Forest High School NJROTC participated in the annual Aynor Hoe-Down. Over 40 of our cadets participated in the Aynor Hoe-Down and many of them were Freshmen. The Aynor Hoe-Down is an excellent introduction to NJROTC and what new cadets will experience during their time in the Unit.

The Colorguard and Banner

The Banner of our unit is held in front of the Platoon and Colorguard by two cadets, these two cadets will lead the Platoon on where to go. The Banner and Colorguard go off of their own cadence and commands. Our Colorguard which consists of four cadets marched and followed behind the Banner as well.

The Marching

Our cadets marched in a Platoon for over one mile at the Aynnor Hoe-Down. While marching our Commanding Officer allowed other Staff Officers to sing “jodies”. Jodies are a traditional call-and-response song sung by military personnel while marching or running. Our unit represents and honors the veterans as well as the servicemen and women who serve our Country.

Article Written by C/ENS Isabela Goebel

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