On October 13th, 2023 our cadets packed their bags and uniforms on the bus to begin the almost 7 hour bus ride to Norfolk, Virginia. Once our cadets arrived in Norfolk, Virginia they were assigned to specific rooms by our Commanding Officer and Executive Officer. Our Norfolk trip is a 2 night and 3 day trip where cadets get a tour of the USS Helena, go to the Lynn Haven Mall, and go to Kings Dominion on the last day as well. 

USS Helena

On the second day, our cadets got up early to get ready and put their uniforms on to board the USS Helena. Cadets were split into two groups of twenty so they could each get a tour of the USS Helena. Cadets were able to view the sonar room, mess deck, and periscope, and learn the driving controls of the submarine. 

Kings Dominion

On the last day cadets were brought to Kings Dominion to wrap up their Norfolk Trip. Once they arrived at Kings Dominion cadets split up into their own groups to enjoy and explore roller coasters, gift shops, games, and food joints. After being at the Kings Dominion for approximately 5 hours it was time to wrap up their trip and make their way back to the bus and return to school. 

Article Written by C/ENS Isabela Goebel

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