Area Management Inspection

Area Management Inspection Armed-Exhibition Routine


On Wednesday, December 7, the Carolina Forest NJROTC unit completed its Area Management Inspection conducted by the Area Six Manager CDR Griffith G. Jones (Ret). The inspection for the district manager to ensure that our unit follows the rules and regulations placed by the Navy and confirm cadets are following the uniform regulations.


AMI consists of events, like the pass-in review ceremony, to showcase the entire unit. These include drilling in unison, a uniform inspection, an Armed Exhibition routine, and an NS-1 squad routine to demonstrate some of our drill team routines. After marching and proceeding through the pass-in review, CDR G. Jones awards the cadet of quarter medals to a junior and senior cadet, as well as the Exemplary Appearance ribbon for individuals with an outstanding uniform appearance.


The area management inspection went exceptionally well, and we are proud of how much the unit has achieved since our unit's creation in 2001. We are looking forward to the outcomes of many more inspections!

Article Written by C/PO1 Shelby Hedges
Edited by C/ENS Klaire Heller

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