Welcome Cadets!

Welcome to the Program!

Stepping into our unit for the first time is overwhelming. We understand! There are numerous students and instructors, and if you're entering your first year of high school, that makes it even more stressful. Our staff would like to welcome you to the program and assure you that you are not alone!

Our Program

Inside JROTC, we promote our core values: Honor, Courage, and Commitment to everyone in our unit. We, as a whole, are here to serve, educate, and prepare all of our cadets for the real world. The Senior Naval Science Instructor, Captain Kevin Boyle, and the Naval Science Instructor, Chief Gregg Thompson, have selected individual leaders for our Chain of Command. The aspiring staff members will be able to guide and teach useful information not present in other electives. We hope that our curriculum will inspire students to achieve their goals and become dedicated workers throughout their life.

Article written by C/ENS Klaire Heller

Contact us

Feel free to contact us if you have any questions! You can reach our Public Affairs Officer, Senior Naval Science Instructor, or Naval Science Instructor through the information below.

C/ENS Klaire Heller, Public Affairs Officer - CFHSPublicAffairsOfficer@gmail.com

Captain Kevin Boyle, Senior NSI - kboyle@g.horrycountyschools.net

Chief Gregg Thompson NSI - gthompson002@g.horrycountyschools.net

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